Wicket 1.2 is no longer supported. For supported versions go to Apache Wicket.

Welcome to Wicket-extensions

This is an extensions project for the Wicket framework.

The latest released version of this library contains amongst others the following components:

Repeater components Components for working with data coming from a database, DataTabel, DataGrid, DataView, etc. demo
DatePicker Javascript component for picking dates. demo
Various Ajax components Editable labels, Ajax indicators demo
Auto complete Wicket's version of Google suggest demo
File Upload Progress bar Show how long the upload is going to take using ajax demo
Modal Window Popup, modal window that can either take another page or a panel as contents. demo
Ajax tabbed panel Ajax version of the TabbedPanel component demo
Rating panel Component to rate stuff, **** (4 out of 5) demo
Tabbed panel Panels with tabs on top. demo
Wizard Presto! A ready to cook wizard component demo
Tree & TreeTable Ajax and non-ajax, javascript Tree component, including a TreeTable. No oaks were harmed in the production demo
Captcha Always wanted to know that a human is at the keyboard? Captcha! the ultimate turing test demo
Breadcrumbs What worked for Hansel and Gretel works also on Web 1.0: breadcrums so you'll never get lost demo